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Top Battery Safety Tips For Vapers

So today I’m going to write about ‘battery safety’ and why it is so important to take care of them.



Let's start from the top...

What is a battery?

In a nut shell, it is a container consisting of one or more cells, in which chemical energy is converted into electricity and used as a source of power.


Why is it extremely important to look after my battery?

If you neglect your batteries, either by over stressing them or using them while they are damaged or have torn wraps, you may cause them to ‘vent’ and then on the more extreme side go into ‘thermal runaway’ now neither of these is ideal, however, both are avoidable before it gets dangerous. Note; I must stress this can happen to ‘ANY’ battery and not just that of one used for vaping.

Now, although this could happen to your batteries within any device, when using a ‘Regulated Mod’ it becomes a lot less likely, the reason for this is the chip and onboard protections acts a fail safe by holding short circuit protection, overheating protection and cut-off timers for the fire button, to name but a few. You still have to be careful with your battery wraps but a regulated mod allows you to vape safe with peace of mind that you have extra protections on your side.


What can cause my battery to stress?


Things that can cause a battery to vent range from over stressing your battery, by this I mean not knowing the amp limit of your battery and pushing it too hard, to also using a battery that has a torn or damaged wrap causing a ‘Hard Short’. This is when an exposed part of the battery connects and completes the circuit in more than one place. This will cause the battery to ‘Vent’ when a battery does this it breaks a seal within the battery allowing the gasses to escape. This will usual vent from the positive end of the battery and can make a loud hissing sound with hot gasses coming from it. When this happens you want to put it outside if you have time and leave it there until it has finished venting. If this does happen you must dispose of the battery and not use it again.

When ‘Thermal Runaway’ occurs you have an increase in reaction rate, it will heat up a lot faster and an exothermic reaction will continue, this usually leads to a destructive result a lot more violent than with venting. In this case, your safest option is to leave the battery wherever you are and keep as far away as possible.


How do I stay safe with my battery?

There are plenty of ways to avoid both of these reactions:

  1. Avoid using damaged or batteries with torn battery wraps
  2. If you have a torn battery wrap, re-wrap them if you are unsure check with your local vape store
  3. Understand what the amp limit of your battery is and how this affects your vaping
  4. If using your battery in a mechanical mod understand ohms law and how your resistance affects the wattage your vaping at and the amps you are drawing from your battery
  5. Store batteries in a suitable hard plastic or silicone case
  6. Do not carry loose batteries in your pockets

Below I link to some good articles for battery amp limits and also mechanical vs regulated mods:

Battery Mooch

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Any further about battery safety, contact me on

Chris @ Vivid Vapes


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