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3 Vape Tank Brands You Need to Know and Why

With so many top vape tanks on the market, it is hard to know what tank would be right for you. A few of the leaders of the market are Aspire, Vaporesso and Smok. These top three are known all around the world for high-quality hardware but the question is... which one suits your needs most?



Smok Tanks

First off we will start with Smok, well known for being a big cloud company. Most of their big tanks have fallen off the UK market due to the TPD regulations that came into play May 2017, but the ones that are still on the market still live up to the Smok name. With Smok, they generally have a very wide range of coils for each tank, so if you are looking for a bigger cloud or more flavour there will be a coil that is preferred for each option. What's also cool is most Smok top fill tanks have an ingenious swivel cap for ease of access to refill your tank.

So... if you are looking for bigger clouds Smok is the one for you.

Aspire Tanks

Next, we will go on to Aspire, the true innovators of a flavour tank. Before the TPD Aspire held the market strong for tanks with a selection of both sub ohm tanks and mouth to lung tanks including the Cleito range for sub ohm and Nautilus range for mouth-to-lung (MTL). Since the new TPD regulations, Aspire has been very smart with the tanks they have produced by using interchangeable coils to increase the amount of juice the tank can hold to offering different size glass for the tank. As with all the Aspire sub ohm coils, they are true flavour tanks so you may lose some cloud size but the flavour you get in return is amazing. Aspire also offer many interchangeable coil options within their mouth-to-lung and new sub ohm tank range.

So... if it is flavour what you are after then Aspire is the way forward.


Last but definitely no means least we have Vaporesso. This company sits in the background as a lesser known company for tanks but if you ask an experienced vaper they will know who Vaporesso are. The Tanks from Vaporesso provide a great combo of cloud and flavour. With recent tanks, they have an interchangeable coil ( you are able to use a Smok baby coil in the new NRG mini tank). As for where Smok stick with the bottom airflow Vaporesso switch from top to bottom depending on the model of tank.

So... if you are looking for good cloud and good flavour Vaporesso Tanks is a great place to start your search

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