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Chris' Reviews: Limitless Armsrace Mod Box Review



This is a review by Mr "Snapback" Chris on his Limitless Armsrace Mod.

First thoughts:

So my first look at the Limitless Armsrace is one of awe! It's a very good looking device, made with a high-density polymer to cut down on weight, a choice of clips and a big golden crest that adorns the beautifully curved front of the mod... this mod is stunning! I just hope the performance has that same class.

The specification:

Now, this is a dual 18650 mod, capable of 200 watts. It will fire between 5-200 watts and between 0.1-3.0 ohms, it has temperature control with tcr and a temperature range of 200-600 Fahrenheit. A 0.91 inch OLED screen and firmware upgradeability, and fits up to a 25mm atomiser.

My experiences:

I have used the Limitless Armsrace Mod box for a few months now and have had plenty of time to get to know it well. I don't use temp control or TCR, nor do I have the equipment to check how accurate it is so I will leave that to a professional to test (DJLsb Vapes on YouTube).

VW mode seems to hit what it says, again, I don't have the equipment to test if it is hitting the wattage it says but 100 watts feels like a 100 watts on other devices I use so it seems pretty accurate.

The feel in the hand is smooth and comfortable, and the buttons are clicky and responsive. The clip has a nice click to it and feels solid when in place with no movement, also, no battery rattle when I shake the mod. I have had some issues with some atomisers not screwing down flush but the raised skirting on the front hides this so it does not grind my OCD too much.

I have found that this mod is best with a top airflow tank, my reason for this is that bottom air flow tanks tend to seep and leak and due to the ridged top of the mod and the raised skirting around the front, when you go to change your batteries you can find everything coated in a lot of juice inside. The screen is my biggest issues with this device... being a vertical screen up one side of the device is fine but the brightness leaves my eyes struggling to read it, especially in daylight, in the evening at home with a lamp on I have no issues.
Possibly the best part about this device is that it has internal protections to stop you firing at high wattages if your batteries are not good enough or have too little power left in them, great little feature.

Final thoughts:

So after all that do I rate the Limitless Armsrace mod box? Would I buy it again if I lost it? Would I recommend it to all of you??

Yes, yes and YES. And I will tell you why... it is light, durable and beautifully crafted. It is also one of the safest devices I have used with a simple board and not much to go wrong, the screen lets it down a little, but everything else outweighs that massively.

It's also a lot down to the great company, Limitlessmodco that has created this mod!! They have decided that rather than churning out products and fixing issues in version 3 or 4 or 5 of the same mod like other mod makers, they have decided to fix the issues of version 1 at their own cost. Limitlessmodco had issues with their clips not being conductive enough, so rather than bringing out a new model and be done with it, they offer a free clip to anyone that has an older model at no cost to the customers! Nice! A refreshing and commendable company that takes care of their upgradeability. And a mod that will be a great addition to anyone's collection.

If you have any further questions drop me a note at

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