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Chris' Reviews: Aspire Breeze Vape Kit



Today I have the Aspire Breeze up for review for you. This is an all in one device that uses aspires U-Tec coils.


Breeze Vape Kit

  • 93mm Tall, 33mm Wide, 18mm Deep
  • Made from aluminium alloy
  • 650mAh capacity
  • 2ml juice capacity
  • Unique top fill
  • 0.6 ohm U-Tec coils


Breeze Charging Dock

  • 2000mAh capacity
  • Output 5V/1A
  • Input 5V/2A


Initial Thoughts

So my initial thoughts on the Aspire Breeze Vape Kit is one of intrigue, a small little device with a nice shape and a charging dock, sleek design and eye-popping colours. Personally, I love anodized finishes on mods as I feel for one they look great and feel great but they also hold up better than standard paint.


My Experience

So in using the Breeze for a while I have gotten used to this device and have grown very fond of it! it's not without its flaws don’t get me wrong, but I must say its always with me and I never leave the house without it. Firstly it has two ways to activate it and use the device, one is with the button like we are all used to, secondly is through the built-in inhale activation which essentially means it works just by drawing on it like you would a cigarette. Now, this is a great little feature! but it has one downfall… the inhale activation takes just a second to start firing the coil, now although not a major issue it is very noticeable when vaping, to fix this the button hits instantly so I find myself using it as a kind of preheat/boost system to get the Breeze going and then releasing it to continue with the inhale. This works great!

The small and ergonomic design means it fits really nicely in the hand or pocket and the added dust cap that comes with it means no more annoying pocket fluff being vaporised!! Although this could be a little tighter. The Breeze is TPD compliant so only a 2ml tank and no way to increase this as it is built into the device. The coils for the breeze are of the same design as the pockeX and nautilus x, although these can’t be used in this. The airflow is a very restricted lung hit ( slightly too restricted for an all day vape ) but also too loose for a proper mouth-to-lung. I love the charging dock and find even with the Breeze sitting in it I can still carry it in my pocket without too many problems, it works like a phones power bank and is a 2000mAh battery and has passthrough charging, enabling you to vape while it is on the dock. Also, the dock comes in very handy while filling the Breeze as the base is not perfectly flat.


Final Thoughts

So what do I really think of this device and would I buy one again or recommend it?

Yes, I would! There are a few things I wish Aspire had done:

  1. Made the base flat for easier filling or just leaving on your desk or table;
  2. Adjustable airflow would have been a great addition to this mod, for me its too tight for an all-day-vape; and
  3. I wish the coils had been interchangeable with the pockeX and the nautilus x, also I find that the coils seem to mute the flavour after a couple of days, I don’t know if it is just me but I find myself completely covering the air hole for a split second just to get a little intense hit of flavour...

other than that i believe it is a solid device, its a great entry level sub ohm device and is easy to use and keep clean, perfect for in the car or on the desk at work ( as long as you have the dock ) mainly because it's not too cloudy but will still give you a dense and saturated vape! its all round a solid little number that I believe will be a strong part of anyone's collection.


If you want to find out anything more about this fantastic smooth device, drop us an email at

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