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How To Blow Vape O Rings: Six Easy Techniques

vape o rings

Are you still stuck with traditional tobacco cigarettes at a time when e-cigarettes have become a rage? Why inhale smoke which is carcinogenic when you can get the same satisfaction from vapours and save your life as well? Millions of people all over the world have already switched over to vaping.

An additional benefit of vaping is that you can blow smoke rings with vapours. Smoke rings are fun to do and there is nothing more satisfying than blowing elegant rings of vapour in the air. Have you seen your friends blow smoke rings with the help of their vaping devices? Do you want to learn how to blow smoke ring vapes and be cool like them? Here are a few easy ways which you can follow to create those fascinating O's or rings in the air with an electronic cigarette:

How to blow smoke ring vapes: First method

First of all, you need to pull in a lot of vapour into your throat by taking a long drag from your e-cigarette. Be careful not to inhale so much that the vapours go beyond the throat into the lungs. You need to practice this part for some time in order to master it and protect your health as well. As you go on trying, the results turn out better. Take in as much of vapour as you can without letting it go into your lung. You need to make sure that the vapour is thick enough because thicker vapour can help in blowing perfect rings which last for a long time. Hold the vapours in your mouth for a few seconds. The next step is to form an O with your mouth and push out the vapours with the help of your tongue. The tongue needs to be moved constantly to push the vapours up and out of the mouth. Just go for it and get wonderful O's in no time. Initially, the O's may not be very fat and defined but with time the results will improve.

How to blow smoke ring vapes: Second method

The second technique is similar to the first. You need to drag in as much of vapour as you can into your mouth without inhaling it, with the help of your vape pen or any other vaping device. After that, you need to form an O with your mouth to create a passage for the vapours to come out. Instead of using your tongue, this time you need to use your throat. Make a little coughing sound with your throat after forming the O so that the vapour that gets pushed out in small amounts takes the shape of rings. You need to make a sound as if something is stuck in your throat and you are trying to speak. This can help you to perform this technique better. The vapour rings that come out are more fluffy and white in this case but keeping the vapours in the mouth can be a little difficult.

How to blow smoke ring vapes: Third method

Yet another way to get those amazing O's is to use your jaw. This technique can hurt a little because you need to assume almost a lockjaw position. Basically, you need to move your jaw up and down to create the rings. The first thing to do is to pull in a lot of vapour into your mouth just like in the last two techniques. Then you need to open your mouth a little and start pushing the lower jaw upwards after forming a big O with your mouth The constant movement of the lower jaw can help in blowing out smoke in rings. This is one of the most difficult techniques and the results take longer to become perfect.

How to blow smoke ring vapes: Tips to blow the perfect O

Now that you have learnt three good ways of making smoke ring vapes, you can follow the tips given here to get excellent results with all these techniques.

1. Make a firm O with your mouth

When you blow out vapour in the first and second techniques, you need to keep your mouth firm. The lips need to be turned inwards while forming the O and the jaw should be locked in that shape throughout the process. A firm mouth might make you look a little weird in if you try it in front of others, but it definitely helps in blowing more defined smoke rings. You also need to remember to curl your lips at the right time in order to make the rings bigger and make them travel farther.

2. Let the vapour settle in your mouth

After you blow the first ring with your mouth, just wait for 2 seconds and allow the vapours to settle before blowing again. This can help the vapour to gather so that the next ring comes out clearly and does not get lost in a haze of smoke. The tongue needs to be at the bottom of the mouth. The snapping motion of the middle of the tongue after every two seconds can give you big rings.

3. Tap your cheek

If you are new to vaping and want to learn how to blow smoke ring vapes quickly, you can follow a simple technique. In this method, you can drag a lot of vapour into your mouth and form a circle with your mouth. Just after opening your mouth, you can tap your cheek. This leads to an instant O. Keep on tapping and forming cool O's with your mouth. This easy method can give you an idea as to how much force you need to put to push out the rings. When you learn this trick, you can start using your tongue to push out vapour with the right force and get better rings.

Just try out these techniques and tips and learn how to blow smoke ring vapes in a few attempts itself.

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