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What's The Best Wattage For My Vape?

rda tank with eliquid

What Wattage Should I Use?

So today I am going to discuss wattage and voltage, what power you should use and why.

I get this question on a daily basis in our Folkestone shop and I always try to follow a few simple rules when it comes to choosing a wattage or voltage.

Vape Tanks

This is definitely the easiest to decide, most if not all coils nowadays come with a recommended wattage stamped on the box or side of the coil. Now, like I said this is recommended, so you can go below or above but you may not get the best performance from the coil or it may burn out a lot faster.

Re-buildable (RDA/RTA)

Now, this is where things can get a little more interesting, but it’s pretty easy to figure out… why? Well, it’s because there is no best wattage for any build or ohms.

If you are vaping mouth to lung and use a re-buildable RTA or RDA, generally we vape around 10-20 Watts this is because the ohms of your coil does not need as much power to give you a vape that you might be looking for.

If you are vaping a Sub Ohm setup whether it’s an RTA or RDA it becomes a lot broader of a choice. Most people just slowly work the wattage up to the ‘Sweet Spot’ which is where the vape is just right ‘For You’ and this is the important part! There is no right or wrong wattage or voltage, it is a choice and a decision made to best fit the vape you like. Whether that is a hard-hitting and hot vape or a mellow and cool vape. You may even find that some E-liquids you vape require different wattages to get the right taste out of it.

The important thing to remember is with vaping it’s a world customized by you, to your tastes, to your needs and no one can tell you that’s wrong. Whether you vape as a hobbyist or because you need vaping to keep you off traditional cigarettes. You’re in control. Enjoy what you are doing try different coils at different wattages/voltages see how they perform, try different juices and see whether you can get a flavour note that you didn’t notice before and just have fun doing it!

Remember Vaping is a lifestyle. You’re in control.

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