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Why Vivid Vapes Is The Best Vape Shop in Folkestone


Vivid Vapes: Best Vape Shop in Folkestone

It's been a year and a half since we opened our Folkestone Vape shop. At first, when we opened we were worried that we might not be welcomed by the existing local vape shops. There were already 3 vape shops in Folkestone serving the local needs of vapers, in their own way. We did not want to tread on anybody's toes so where possible we tried to make peace and avoid talking bad about any of our friends at existing vape shops - shout out to Pure Perfection!


Since opening, we have had fantastic feedback from our customers in Folkestone and out of town visitors. That's why we consider ourselves the best vape shop in Folkestone. Our main goal is to help and assist existing smokers to transition into vaping as we personally feel vaping is a better alternative to smoking.


We have served 1000's of customers since we opened with new devices and e-juices. We believe it is super important that people get the right vaping device and flavour for them as if one of these are wrong then it will lead to a bad vaping experience and people are likely to revert back to smoking.


We stock 100's of different e-juices and many vape devices for beginners and more advanced vapers and always got the latest vape kits and juices for you to choose from. If you're ever around in Folkestone please drop by our Folkestone vape shop and say hi!


We love to give advice on vaping any day of the week.
See you soon :)
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